Concrete Music - c.1954

Daybreak 1950

Healing of the Sick - 1956

Shapes in Space 2 - 1955

Wlad’s paintings in the 1950s covered a wide range of approaches, from Impressionism to Expressionism to Cubism and Abstractions of various types; but the greatest legacy was a series of “Colour-Music” paintings in large scale he produced around 1954-56. These were For Stravinsky, Concrete Music and Tocatta.
Over the same period he was developing a figurative style influenced by Romanesque painting, El Greco and Goya, but it also veered towards Picasso, Renoir’s Impressionism, German Expressionism and Feliks Topolski’s drawings.
Wlad could not paint following a motorcycle accident in June 1956, after a series of operations to repair a fractured skull and subsequent loss of his memory and colour vision. He worked hard to repair his mind, using techniques he learned in the theatre, especially when studying Stanislavski. By 1960 he was immersed in theatre again, and producing plays for his new troupe, The Art Stusio Players, but gradually found his way back to painting from that time.

Photograph of Healing the Sick courtesy of Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide.

  1. #1 by MaryAnn Greven on January 19, 2016 - 3:55 pm

    What a wonderful artist, he left behind a great legacy… MaryAnn Greven

  2. #2 by A J Dutkiewicz on January 9, 2017 - 9:38 am

    Thanks MaryAnn – this is a very small sample. I hope to do a retrospective exhibition in Adelaide in 2018, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. I have also built a more comprehensive website called The Dutkiewicz Archive, to record our family’s artistic legacies.

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