Sketch for set design, The Master Builder, 1960

Catalogue designs by Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz, 1960/67.

Wlad formed a troupe, Teatr Nowy, when he was instated as camp leader at the Polish DP camp in Hohenfels. The material ranged from adaptations of classic Polish dramas to comedy sketches and musical theatre. Much of the material performed by the group was written by Wlad – notably a comedic duo know as Josko and Tonko, performed by Wlad and his brother Ludwik. Wlad also performed monologues under the character name of Stronc. Teatr Nowy presented over 150 plays and peformances as it toured around Bavaria in its short life.
Wlad was involved with stage design for local amateur theatre and in productions for a newly formed Polish theatre in his early years in Adelaide, with Stan Gotowicz. He began to produce English-language plays in Adelaide in 1959, presenting his interpretation of Jean-Jacques Bernard’s The Unquiet Spirit for the Adelaide University Theatre Guild. His troupe transformed into The Art Studio Players, with its first production Maxim Gorky’s The Lower Depths, to coincide with the first Adelaide Festival in 1960. The group presented two plays per year until the end of 1962.
Wlad’s bent was a personal synthesis of Stanislavsky’s Method; he was a naturalist, but moved towards visual theatre in productions like The Dream of Peter Mann (Adelaide Festival, 1962).
His last production was Ibsen’s The Wild Duck for Adelaide University Theatre Guild in 1967.

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