New biography

New biography

Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz; A Partisan for Art


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Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz

Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz in 1962

This site is dedicated to the creative work of the late Polish-Australian artist Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz (1918-1999). It shows a selection of paintings, works on paper, sculptures and murals, as well as material from plays he produced in Germany after World War Two and in Australia 1959-62.
Wlad was trained in Poland and Paris, was a partisan in World War Two, and fled to freedom ahead of the advancing Red Army in 1945. He spent four years in a Displaced Persons’ camp in Hohenfels, Bavaria, before migrating to Australia in 1949. He settled in Adelaide in 1950 and lived there until his death.

Photograph of Wladyslaw Dutkiewicz by Peter Medlen, 1962.

Uncredited photographs of paintings are by Graeme Hastwell.

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